Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zarganar still under detention

Mizzima tried to contact him last night, but in vain. Mizzima, however, got in touch with his mother-in-law Kyi Kyi Soe today. She said that the news of Zarganar being released is not true and his family members still do not know his whereabouts. Huai Pi contacted and interviewed his family member.

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Asia is different when it comes to applying compassion

Why are French, British, and American warships, but not Chinese or Malaysian warships, sitting near the Myanmar coast loaded with food and other necessities for the victims of Cyclone Nargis? Why has the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) been so slow and weak in its response to a natural calamity that ravaged one of its own members?

...are Europeans and Americans simply more compassionate than Asians?

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Myanmar: Private donations for cyclone victims decline

"This is our second relief effort. There were many donors and donations in the first relief campaign conducted in mid-May. Now donations have fallen drastically," Ko Kyaw Kyaw from Rangoon who visited and donated in Labutta Township, Irrawaddy Division told Mizzima.

Similarly people from Mandalay who are providing relief supplies to victims in Pyapon Township, Irrawaddy Division by pooling in funds donated by friends are facing the same difficulty.

"We cannot continue our relief campaign through to the end of this month. The people are exhausted and the fund is dwindling," a member of this relief aid group said.

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Myanmar regime assess needs of cyclone survivors

YANGON - A MAJOR operation has been launched to assess the needs of Myanmar's storm survivors in a sign the military regime is finally cooperating in international aid efforts five weeks after Cyclone Nargis buffeted the country.

However, Tuesday's positive development contrasted with reports that 18 cyclone victims - women and children - on their way to the United Nations office to plead for help were arrested in the commercial capital, Yangon.

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