Sunday, May 11, 2008

France Backtracking on Intervention

France appeared to be backing down Sunday on claims it would send a naval vessel carrying 1,500 tonnes of aid to Burma “without waiting any further” on permission from the Burmese authorities, after a French foreign ministry source said France would not send the ship into Burmese waters, according to a Reuters report on Sunday.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had on Saturday told reporters that France had decided to go it alone and deliver relief supplies to victims of Cyclone Nargis in the Irrawaddy delta after Burma’s ruling junta failed to respond to calls for international aid and relief teams to be allowed access to survivors.

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Survived and left alone to find their destiny


(Unofficial Translation)
Original Announcement in Burmese (pdf 29.93kb)

National League for Democracy
97 B West Shwegondine Road.
Bahan Township, Yangon

Special Announcement 10/05/08

On the 2nd and 3rd May, hurricane Nagis caused never-before-experienced destruction, deaths by the million, injuries indescribable and breaking point hardship to millions of our people.

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Burma need your help!

Bodies Flow Into Hard-Hit Area of Myanmar

In the village of Tanyukone, residents on Saturday buried a 6-year-old boy who died of a fever in the aftermath of the cyclone that devastated Myanmar. More Photos >

Myanmar junta still blocking cyclone aid

YANGON, Myanmar: A trickle of aid shipments arrived in Myanmar on Sunday, more than a week after a massive cyclone smashed the country, but officials continued to bar major shipments to the storm's hard-hit survivors.

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EU to hold Myanmar meeting

(BRUSSELS) - The European Union will hold an emergency meeting on the humanitarian situation in cyclone-hit Myanmar on Tuesday, the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid has said.

"The purpose of the meeting will be to review the situation and to beef up the response of the EU Member States and the European Commission to this emergency situation," said Louis Michel in a statement issued Monday.

"The Commission and the EU ministers will also try to identify and co-ordinate the best means of facilitating the mobilisation and delivery of international humanitarian assistance."
Tuesday's meeting of EU development ministers comes amid a deteriorating situation in the Asian country.

"In view of the massive scale of destruction and need caused by the cyclone Nargis, and the acceptance by Burmese authorities to receive international assistance, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Louis Michel, has called for an urgent meeting of EU ministers in charge of humanitarian aid to be held in Brussels next Tuesday 13th of May," said the statement.

Michel has indicated that he intends to travel to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, on Tuesday, immediately after the meeting, to discuss with the country's authorities the best way to bring international assistance to the affected population.

"It is our sincere wish to work in close co-operation with the Burmese authorities to urgently alleviate the sufferings of the Burmese people affected by the cyclone", said Michel.
Cyclone Nargis, which smashed into the rice-growing Irrawaddy Delta region in the country's south on May 3, has left nearly 62,000 people dead or missing, according to a government toll.
The military government's refusal to open its doors has infuriated aid groups and foreign governments who say that unless they have free access, the toll from the disaster will rise dramatically as hunger and disease set in.

NZ aid group finds way in to help in Myanmar

While the heavyweights of the international aid community are stymied by red-tape in their efforts to help cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, a little-known New Zealand-based organisation says it has found a way in.

Children on the Edge NZ has been working along the Thailand-Myanmar border for three years, providing aid for victims of the Myanmar military regime.

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US Navy head to myanmar despite JUNTA

Russia sends more aid to Myanmar

MOSCOW, May 11 (Xinhua) -- Russia sent on Sunday its second batch of humanitarian aid to the cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, local media reported.

A cargo plane carrying tents, blankets, medicine and food took off from a Moscow airport Sunday afternoon, said an official with the ministry of emergency. Russia sent the first batch of aid, including 30 tons of tents and blankets, to Myanmar on Friday.

The death toll of Myanmar's cyclone disaster has risen to 28,458. Altogether, some 33,416 people remained missing, Myanmar's state media reported. The United Nations has launched an appeal of 187 million U.S. dollars in aid to help 1.5 million victims in Myanmar.

China, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and India as well as the World Food Program have sent humanitarian aid to the South Asian country.

A plea to the World from the People of Myanmar

URGENT: A plea to the world from the people of Myanmar

1. The deaths and destruction left by the cyclone Nargis is more than we estimated, according to
eye witness accounts. Unprepared for a disaster on this scale, and with limited facilities for this
catastrophe never before encountered, it is not easy to carry out the urgently needed support for those who lost their homes or even whole villages. In such a situation the death toll is expected to rise- probably 200,000.

2. Hundreds of thousands of victims, who have neither political agendas nor political interests, wait for their twice daily ration of gruel as they hope that the world will come to their aid.

3. It is estimated that 3 million survivors in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta alone are without sufficient
food, shelter, medicine, and safe drinking water. They are waiting for the millions of aid from the
international community that is ready to be distributed but awaiting the decision of one person..

4. This tragic situation is dependent upon the decision of the Senior General Than Shwe. We
would like to request the leaders of all the developed and developing countries alike and nternational organisations to refrain from politicising the situation and use all resources to help

clear up the matter as soon as possible so that the hapless victims numbering in the millions can
be saved.

People of Myanmar

U.S. helicopters cause stir in Thai town on Burma border

In Mae Sot,

home to many Burmese exiles and refugees, two helicopters stopped unannounced during a survey of the areaBy Christopher Johnson Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitorfrom the May 12, 2008 editionMae Sot, Thailand - In this border town known as "Little Burma," thousands of Burmese exiles and refugees were excited when they saw a US helicopter flying above them on Saturday, within view of Burmese soldiers staging a referendum across the Moei River."

All the Burmese looked up at the sky in hope," said Myo Khin, a Burmese trader who just found out from his sister that their relatives were lost in their hometown of Lapputa in the Irrawaddy delta. "Only America and the foreign countries can save Burma now."

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It's time for an aid intervention

WHAT are we waiting for? Where now is liberal interventionism?

More than 100,000 people are dead after a cyclone in the Irrawaddy Delta and the UN has declared that up to 2 million people, deprived of aid for a week, are at risk of death.
Barely 10 per cent are reported to have received any help. The world stands ready to save them. The warehouses of Asia are crammed with supplies. Ships and planes are on station. Nothing happens.

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Disaster and emergency crisis migitgation management are in the curriculums of staff college and the national defence college of all armed forces

Natural disasters happen, mankind cannot prevent those. However,human can mitigate the impact disasters made. Mitigate and manageso that there will be less human cost: loss of lives and tragedies.If I were not wrong, the disaster and emergency management is partof the curriculum of army's graduate schools.
Burmese army's staffcollege in the Fort Ba Htoo and the national defence college (for Wannabe Generals) were copied from the United States armed forces andtherefore it might not be wrong the syllabuses and curriculums mustbe the same.It is a fact that in the curriculum of the graduate schools for senior militaryofficers in the armed forces of United States includes emergency andnaturla disaster management. Colnels and generals, all scholar soldiersdo have to learn disaster mitigation and emergency management. It ispart of the national security.
However, being learned is a thing, the will to practise what one had learnedis another. Anyway I wished suffering fellow Burmese in Burma will be safeand regain their health if not wealth.


Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (JHSEM) Mgt Wiki content

Donation drive for cyclone victims

PENANG: The Penang Muslim Lea-gue (PML) and nasi kandar vendors here are helping to raise money for The Star Myanmar Relief Fund.
PML vice-president Ameer Taju-din said the public could make their donations in boxes placed at various nasi kandar outlets in town.
Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “Myanmar Relief Fund” by sending them to to the lea-gue’s treasurer office at No. 15, Le-buh Bishop, Penang. Donors should have their names and addresses written at the back of the cheque for receipts to be issued.

Dr Zar Ni: Waves of suffering wash over my land

The Independent Wednesday, 7 May 2008
The last time Burma hit the headlines it was during the bloody crackdown on Buddhist monk-protesters. This time it is Cyclone Nargis.In their typically superstitious collective psyche, the Burmese would most certainly view Nargis as a bad omen for the entire nation. Seen through Burmese eyes thus, all this devastation and carnage is nothing but the direct result of extreme greed and delusion, utter lack of loving kindness, and concern for public welfare on the part of the regime's leadership.
In short, the Burmese may read Nargis as a form of collective punishment for a society where the rulers have violated Buddhism and the Buddhist order, the society's sacred foundation. The devastation is so great that even the media-shy generals have been forced to declare an emergency in the worst-hit areas and, more importantly, indicate their willingness to receive international aid.
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A case for intervening militarily in Myanmar

With United States warships and air force planes at the ready, and over 1 million of Myanmar's citizens left bedraggled, homeless and susceptible to water-borne diseases by Cyclone Nagris, the natural disaster presents an opportunity in crisis for the US. A unilateral - and potentially United Nations-approved - US military intervention in the name of humanitarianism could easily turn the tide against the impoverished country's unpopular military leaders, and simultaneously rehabilitate the legacy of lame-duck US President George W Bush's controversial pre-emptive military policies.
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Burma Cyclone--Stand with the People

The cyclone that ripped through Burma left tens of thousands dead and a million homeless--a natural disaster made much worse by the failure of the military junta to warn or evacuate its people.

Now, the government has slowed the urgent process of providing humanitarian relief--so Avaaz is raising funds for the International Burmese Monks Organization and related groups, which will transmit funds directly to monasteries in affected areas.

In many of the worst-hit areas, the monasteries are the only source of shelter and food for Burma's poorest people. They have been on the front lines of the aid effort since the storm struck. Other forms of aid could be delayed, diverted or manipulated by the Burmese government--but the monks are the most trusted and reliable institution in the country.

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Red Cross boat sinks in Myanmar

MYANMAR, Yangon (CNN) -- A Red Cross boat delivering supplies to victims of last weekend's cyclone sank Sunday when it hit debris in the Irrawady Delta region, as the U.S. prepared to deliver relief supplies to Myanmar,
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Nargis Emergency Meeting

Place: BDA Centre ( A2. Sein Lai Yaik Thar, Sayarsan Street & New University Avenue
Ph: 01-542349 )
Time : 10:00 am

All members of CSI and who wants to participate in recent activities of CSI which is saving and helping Burmese Cyclone Victims are warmly welcome to above-mentioned meeting. Members of CSI are encouraged to attend this meeting as all the plans and schedules about this rescue will discuss there at BDA.

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S.O.S for Burma

Ask for
World Leaders….
Bombs for Generals
help for cyclone victims urgently
Dr.Khin Sein (Irrawaddy) Burma

Dear Leaders,

Think yourself simply.If one house is on fire in a city,fire truck must stop the fire on that house urgerntly with or without permission of the house owner.To save the fire
victims and to stop fire is the first priority and responsibility of the fire workers.Now the SPDC,the military regime is not the owner of our country.Everybody knows they couped or robbed the country’s power.The real owner of Burma or Myanmar is 50 millions of Burmese people.Not military Generals.Illegal government will give you illegal permit.So you don’t need to wait permission of military generals to help cyclone victims.Now one hundred thousand people were dead and one and half million people are at risk for survival.As Burmese tradional word:life span without water is 3 days;life span withour food is 7 days.So storm victims are really on the stage of emergency situation.So don’t wait any permit by illegal government.Find out the possible ways and help our storm victims immediately.
The ways what I want to recommend are:
First way (Impossible)
Help the victims by the United Nations’ international rescue forces
(NOTE: I think it would be delayed and is impossible because I am sure some shameless countries of Security council members will use veto power to protect illegal SPDC military regime neglecting the suffering of millions people)
Second way(Possible)
Allied forces formed by United State and EU or Rescue forces supported by NATO member countries.
Now The time is right time to invade Burma.
Reflecting the wish of millions people of Burma
Dr.Khin Sein (Irrawaddy),Burma

First UNHCR trucks enter Burma from Thailand

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said its first trucks had arrived in Burma without a hitch Saturday, carrying 20 tons of emergency aid for survivors of the cyclone.The trucks, with enough emergency material to provide shelter for up to 10,000 people, had crossed over from Thailand at the Friendship Bridge border at Mae Sot. They bore plastic sheets and tents.
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With the number of natural disasters on the rise each year, mass tragedy like that seen with Burma's Cyclone Nargis is bound to repeat itself unless people get ready, writes TUNYA SUKPANICHThe storm, Cyclone Nargis, which struck southern Burma last week has been declared the worst natural disaster since the Tsunami in 2004.
The number of people dead is believed to be as high as 100,000 persons while an estimated one million people have been left homeless. As a basis for comparison, Cyclone Sidr, which hit Bangladesh last year, claimed about 3,500 lives.
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Aid hijacked

Privy Councillor Surayud Chulanont is to fly to Burma on Sunday, the ninth day of the cyclone disaster, to try to convince the Burmese dictatorship that the world wants to help devastated people. On Saturday, the junta reached a new level of cynicism, pasting huge labels on aid packages from Thailand to claim the help was from the top generals, rather than the Thai people.

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How the U.S. military can help

CNN's Barbara Starr reports how the U.S. military, especially the Navy, is preparing to help those in need in Myanmar.