Friday, May 9, 2008

Dead are thrown into rivers as the living wait for aid

The funeral-like procession to the river was one of the many disturbing images of the destruction left by Myanmar's deadly cyclone.The cyclone's devastation could be seen everywhere in Bogalay.
Almost half of the total death toll could have come from Bogalay, according to an estimate by China's state run news agency Xinhua. Many of the survivors have been left with nothing.Monasteries were being used as temporary shelters for hundreds of people left homeless.
At one there were about 600 people sleeping where they could. Many had lost someone they loved. Some sat with bleak, numb stares as small piles of food were guarded by young apprentice monks. The monks said they have food for two days. After that, they say, they have no answer.Another monastery was called an operating theater, but there were no medical supplies. One man sat with open wounds, blood running down his back.
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