Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disaster and emergency crisis migitgation management are in the curriculums of staff college and the national defence college of all armed forces

Natural disasters happen, mankind cannot prevent those. However,human can mitigate the impact disasters made. Mitigate and manageso that there will be less human cost: loss of lives and tragedies.If I were not wrong, the disaster and emergency management is partof the curriculum of army's graduate schools.
Burmese army's staffcollege in the Fort Ba Htoo and the national defence college (for Wannabe Generals) were copied from the United States armed forces andtherefore it might not be wrong the syllabuses and curriculums mustbe the same.It is a fact that in the curriculum of the graduate schools for senior militaryofficers in the armed forces of United States includes emergency andnaturla disaster management. Colnels and generals, all scholar soldiersdo have to learn disaster mitigation and emergency management. It ispart of the national security.
However, being learned is a thing, the will to practise what one had learnedis another. Anyway I wished suffering fellow Burmese in Burma will be safeand regain their health if not wealth.


Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (JHSEM) Mgt Wiki content

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