Monday, May 12, 2008

Humanitarian Update - Myanmar's sruvivors


(Edited to protect the informants)


Today, we went to a town nearby Yangon in where many houses suffered the storm. We met with two locals there for information.

We also saw the broken house of people we know today. His family stays in another nearby house at the moment. He has to rebuild the house very soon but it is impossible for them to rebuild a parker one because the price increases nearly double. So they will build a small hut. An small organization decided to help for the building of the hut.

The event is very much terrible. A lot of people in many townships in Ayeyarwaddy Division suffered badly and terribly. Many people died, and many others are dying because of poor communication and transportation. Tomorrow, we will have special meeting for relief and rehabilitation ...
Keep praying for us, and please let other people know.


Yes, the cyclone went pass Yangon last Saturday and it lasted for more than twelve hours in my area. The storm knocked down most of the trees in Yangon. We have been out of power since it happened and we live with a meager amount of water everyday.

At some mornings we don't even have water to wash our face. I go around to take a bath in some evening. My family is doing OK despite this difficult situation. My daughters were singing during the storm because they haven't experienced it before.

The other day I had a discussion with one of my daughters that our sense of peace and joy doesn't depend on the have of water.

Today I go around to have access to the information of the damages in delta area. I met my close friend from one small village, who lost his wife and his two daughters by the cyclone. I was in his village some years ago and I know his family. He told me the whole story. He escaped because he was at the other village when the storm hit the area.

The next day when he went back to his village his house was gone and his family as well. Only a third of his villagers made it. This is very hard to take. There are several others who are heavily affected.

We are trying to help as much as we can. But it is overwhelming. I am so saddened by this disaster and please continue to pray for us.


Thanks to you all for your concern. Thank you for remembering us in the horrible crisis in our country.

For me, I'm safe. The cyclone did not pass my hometown directly. It was just heavy rain and wind but nothing happened. Although there was announcement in my place, finally it changed the direction.

As you know, the capital city Yangon was one of the affected area. People in Yangon are now suffering shortage of electricity, water and basic commodities. They have hard time to get basic things. Everything is sky high but also difficult to buy.

One of my friends from Karuna said that she could buy only two candles even though it was expensive. She also said that Yangon is now like a village - no electricity, no water, etc. and frogs are singing at night.

My parents' house in Yangon had no more roofs like many other people houses. Now, people cannot buy roofs anymore even nails. The rainy season is coming. The transportation and communication is difficult. I couldn't contact anyone. Only few telephones are working and I just get the information if someone called me.

We could say that it is still better than other places where many people died and their houses were collapsed. I also could not contact some of my relatives from that areas. We really are worried about them and sorry for those who lost their lives, home, families.

I still have very limited information about the affected areas since most of the telephone lines are cut out. The prices of commodities in my places are now increasing. I hope that this mail will reach you.

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