Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Less Self-centredness, More Humanity

Min Khin Kyaw

As we’ve seen how the junta is desperate to win and will win by cheating, we can predict how it will declare how it wins with decisive majority support. Yet, we are right that we encouraged the people to go and vote; we can clearly see the ways the junta cheats as result. Also we will get stories from the people who have voted the way the junta forced them to; these voters are now indeed eyewitnesses and of course, they‘ve seen all voting places. All we have to do is to collect stories from all over Burma (the way the NLD is doing). Whence the effects of cyclone Nargis have been emerging, the way the junta’s contempt on our people has its own story to say the international communities.

Certainly we’d like to see the aids workers to be able to reach all the needy people. As the junta has blocked their entry and laughing at their generosity, we’d also like to see the supply planes to fly in to airdrop the supplies. However, whoever who tries to seek the supplies could be accused as unpatriotic and for worse they can be mistreated. We know the way how Burmese volunteers and social workers were forced to give up their good intentions. Now we have to content with the way the junta handling the crises. And we have to accept as long as the junta accepts the supplies and the way it delivers them.

Certainly we’d like to see only the supplies to flow in. Any cash donations certainly will not reach the needy ones.Hopefully, the UN would find solution and reach to a condition to deal with our country - for peace sake. But if the UN members from free world be soft at the obstacles, we Burmese would have to wait through more torturing of a few selfish countries who are supporting the junta their independent silly puppet tied up with its own greed that it’s unable to see humans as humans and Burmese as Burmese. Yet the world must push the junta to accept the aids workers eventually - especially the medical workers and construction technicians who understand sewage environment; they also have to mobilise both affected and non-affected communities - of course, that‘s clearly apolitical. Sadly an earthquake occurred in China and we’ve seen how the Chinese are dealing with it - In comparison with the Burma’s junta. The junta might argue it’s just a small earthquake. Here, we have to ask China’s government why they had to block France’s attempt to deal with Burma’s junta.

We have to ask China that why it doesn’t like to see Burma’s junta to activate help for the people the way China does - not just for photo opportunities and media sake for MRTV. As we all know the junta will declare a winning result for its self-profiting referendum, it can stop its efforts on it and just take a win, and concentrate on rescuing the cyclone affected survivors. We should ask the junta to ask the regional countries for help whilst accepting other international communities who are trying to do so. We must see the junta’s sympathy to our people as much as it has shown its pride. Rather less pride but more humanity.

Now what will Burmese people do? Let’s forget 100,00 people who died. We must put all energy on the survivors, rescue and rebuilding. Certainly not much time, no prospect for help as all blocked by the junta and China opposing forced aid delivery. Does China oppose aids to come in for the earthquake victims too?Let’s forget about history and past pains for now and forever.We have to see determined humanity from humanity for Burma.

Min Khin Kyaw

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