Friday, May 9, 2008

Nergris: Just A Kitten To The Junta

Min Khin Kyaw

The junta is slow to let aids workers in, as it wants to keep the referendum out of sight of the world, particularly before the referendum is held. The storm has given the junta a dilemma: to save the people or to save the referendum. The best solution seems to postpone it - the way the junta did with the national convention - before the world has to become louder.

Thanks to the French UN envoy for revealing another dirty hand of the Chinese policy on Burmese people - this hand is big enough to control all natural resources of Burma and to squeeze all criticisms of the UN and the west out of shape; off course, why should Chinese government have mercy on us as it has no mercy on its own minorities. China’s position to Burma is clear and unwavering. Helplessly to Burmese tragedies and ongoing plight, China is too strong to face the world alone as the world has been swallowed into the economic sinkhole of China’s cheap labours.

However, unlike the national convention, the junta has already given the people the chance to learn the referendum. So postponing is rather not quite a good solution as the junta doesn’t want the people to have enough time to learn its trick and its self-serving constitution. It’s just that this referendum is not for democracy as we all know. But the junta has its backings anyway; who else? Just the same faces.

And the paranoid junta also needs to save its own face - it simply doesn’t want to people see and judge how its services are useless but good at suppression only. Certainly the junta cannot and so won’t let itself being compared with the qualified aids workers from all over the world.
Thanks to Thailand for being able to convince the junta to accept its help.

After all in Burma, life is cheaper than the military uniforms. The soldiers, let alone the generals, wouldn’t go into any mud to get wet and perspired - even when needing to save a life. Off course, why would they save any life as they’re just kept as killers - it would go against their profession.
Whether the aids workers are seen as members of the CIA in the eyes of the generals, as long as they have China in UN for them, nobody will be able to open Burma’s borders. They’re certainly inhumane demons.

Rather we must welcome all kinds of efforts in storm relief, including forceful airdrops of food and other necessities. However, the survivors of storm Nargis will be victimized by the junta if they attempt to claim the airdropped supplies. Or once the supplies are dropped, people will be on the hunt for them. The generals have already sent a signal that nothing will be tolerated during referendum. I’ve seen on TV military trucks are lined up indicating the junta’s readiness to crackdown any political movement.

We must assume the junta will do anything, despite the storm has claimed 100,000 lives, to keep itself on power. As the junta has won every battle inside Burma by brutal force and on the international stage by its superpower bodyguard - China, we must understand our situation.
So any attempts of the aids workers, the UN and any country that do not get permission of the junta can cause unwanted outcomes. But the Burmese people just need the world to do so as they have been deprived to death anyway.

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JUNTA should be punished by world.