Monday, May 19, 2008

Please come quickly say people of Burma

“…We want the international community to enter the country by any means…as it is very important to save lives…therefore, we want them to enter as soon as possible. They (the authorities) are unable to save people and they must accept people who could. There is nothing more important than human life.” (Reverend U Pyinnyar Wunthar, Buddhist monk)

“We are away from Cyclone Nargis and we don’t know the situation. But the Abbot of Thidagu Reverend Nyan Neisara, U Zagana (renowned comedian) said in the media that there are many people who are in trouble as the result of the storm and villages disappeared, people don’t have food and drink. People are in trouble. As the majority are accepting thus, as for us, the sooner the better. Whichever country comes to our country and helps, we like it the more. Here (in Burma), I heard that there are only 6 or 7 helicopters for rescue. And in the delta region, roads are in ruin and it is not very easy to travel on water paths…” (U Myin Lwin, National League for Democracy, Kyaupadaung, Upper Burma)

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