Sunday, May 11, 2008

S.O.S for Burma

Ask for
World Leaders….
Bombs for Generals
help for cyclone victims urgently
Dr.Khin Sein (Irrawaddy) Burma

Dear Leaders,

Think yourself simply.If one house is on fire in a city,fire truck must stop the fire on that house urgerntly with or without permission of the house owner.To save the fire
victims and to stop fire is the first priority and responsibility of the fire workers.Now the SPDC,the military regime is not the owner of our country.Everybody knows they couped or robbed the country’s power.The real owner of Burma or Myanmar is 50 millions of Burmese people.Not military Generals.Illegal government will give you illegal permit.So you don’t need to wait permission of military generals to help cyclone victims.Now one hundred thousand people were dead and one and half million people are at risk for survival.As Burmese tradional word:life span without water is 3 days;life span withour food is 7 days.So storm victims are really on the stage of emergency situation.So don’t wait any permit by illegal government.Find out the possible ways and help our storm victims immediately.
The ways what I want to recommend are:
First way (Impossible)
Help the victims by the United Nations’ international rescue forces
(NOTE: I think it would be delayed and is impossible because I am sure some shameless countries of Security council members will use veto power to protect illegal SPDC military regime neglecting the suffering of millions people)
Second way(Possible)
Allied forces formed by United State and EU or Rescue forces supported by NATO member countries.
Now The time is right time to invade Burma.
Reflecting the wish of millions people of Burma
Dr.Khin Sein (Irrawaddy),Burma

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