Saturday, May 10, 2008

SPDC’d be ready to shoot down humanitarian aircrafts

SPDC has prepared to shoot down any foreign air planes that would carry the humanitarian aids if needed. Witness said seventeen military trucks with towing anti-aircraft guns towards Payagyi, Pegu division.
Many diplomats who also follow the developments of post cyclone and other international media confirmed that the international aids were suspended because of their intelligence report. There must be flying into Burma airspace if approved by the regime.Regime's hostile attitude was marked by the respective governments and they shocked this news and unbelievable about SPDC is ready to shoot down humanitarian airlift.
A reporter from famous radio program had shook her head after she learned this news and thought that top generals have no hearts.Foreign aid workers prayed for entering Burma and help people after referendum day. Thai relief aids that carried with two trucks were allowed today to Myawaddy almost one week of negotiation with UNHCR and SPDC.

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