Monday, May 12, 2008

US Aid Flight Arrives in Burma

Prime Minister Thein Sein gives relief goods to cyclone-affected people during visit to relief centre in Rangoon, 08 May 2008


The C-130, carrying water, mosquito nets and blankets from an air base in Thailand, is the first U.S. aid flight that Burma's military government has allowed to enter the country since Cyclone Nargis struck May 3.
The military government has granted a few visas to foreign experts, and are insisting that Burmese nationals, mostly soldiers, distribute the aid. Donor countries are concerned military officials will hoard the supplies or use the goods for their own benefit.

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Anonymous said...

May I ask what did he donated? an old long play from the 60s? to keep them busy? or maybe that was some sort of Nasa spacial food to last the survivors a couple of months?