Sunday, May 11, 2008

U.S. helicopters cause stir in Thai town on Burma border

In Mae Sot,

home to many Burmese exiles and refugees, two helicopters stopped unannounced during a survey of the areaBy Christopher Johnson Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitorfrom the May 12, 2008 editionMae Sot, Thailand - In this border town known as "Little Burma," thousands of Burmese exiles and refugees were excited when they saw a US helicopter flying above them on Saturday, within view of Burmese soldiers staging a referendum across the Moei River."

All the Burmese looked up at the sky in hope," said Myo Khin, a Burmese trader who just found out from his sister that their relatives were lost in their hometown of Lapputa in the Irrawaddy delta. "Only America and the foreign countries can save Burma now."

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