Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who is behind the Cyclone?

Dear All,

I believed Burma regime has secret plan around irrawaddy delta. The Cyclone is much more than natural disaster there must have some other political hidden agenda.

1) Regime close its door to irrawaddy, they did not even open for local civilians.
2) Banned cameras, camcorders
3) No foreign Aid workers are allowed. Why?

1) Their Navy based at Haing Gyi Island was destroyed. They knew Cyclone is coming but why they do not removed their Navy ships? Is there any very important project to protect that area? Is that the reason why they can not remove their ships and soldiers?

2) According to some sources, after the cyclone Chinese military officials came to see immediately the area, what do they have there? What kind of operation do they have there?

3) SPDC official said to Thai PM they deployed 4 regional based soldiers in that area, but why people get very little or no help at all from them?

4) They must have some hidden agenda that can harm the local community and as well as the international community.

Burma needs UN troops right now.

Maung Myo

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